Joanie's Cancer Fundraiser

Joanie's Story

Joanie is a 37 year old woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoma cancer in her lungs 2 years ago. This is a rare occurrence which is difficult to treat. As a result she is dependent on oxygen 24/7.

For the past 2 years she was treated with 4 different chemo therapies to no avail. She stopped working in August 2019 due to her being to frail to do her daily tasks. According to her Oncologist they have exhausted all traditional options of treatment.

She took it upon herself to seek alternative treatment and unfortunately this form of treatment is not covered by any medical aids in South Africa yet is approved by the American Medical Board.

Del Forno would like to raise funds to help Joanie receive her treatment. For every R1 donated in store, Del Forno will match the donation.

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