The Del Forno Face Mask

We can beat this together

Del Forno has excitingly and passionately collaborated with ChilliPix Photography whom manufactures branded masks which are handmade by people that have lost their income due to the COVID-19 Crisis. We saw this initiative and thought this is a wonderful way to get involved in the community! By manufacturing and selling the masks, over 40 people from different backgrounds and careers are able to earn an income during this crisis.

Each individual handmade mask is three layered, washable and due to the elastic ear bands, they are comfortable to wear and not to forget stylish!

For every ten face masks that are sold, Chillipix donates a mask to people in the community that cannot afford one. Follow their story here

Del Forno Face Mask

HELPING Communities

Del Forno has proudly donated 400 masks thus far towards this initiative. Our masks are for sale through our APP for R40.00. We would like to thank you in advance for supporting Del Forno and through sales of our masks, we are able to continue helping communities in need.

Please find our instructions below on how to efficiently wash your mask after every use:

  1. Please be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing the face mask. Ensure that you wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.
  2. Place your mask in a pillow case.
  3. Place it in a washing machine with hot water and completely dry on medium or high heat.
  4. The mask is now ready to be used for when you are waiting at the gate of your home for the delivery of our amazing woodfired Del Forno pizzas!

TAKE A SELFIE AND WIN - #delfornomaskie

We have an exciting Social Media Campaign that you can join in on. Take a "Maskie" (Mask Selfie) with your Del Forno Mask, post it and tag delforno_sa, Hashtag #delfornomaskie and you could stand a chance to win two large pizzas!